Computer Repairs, Services & Upgrades

Computer Repairs

Computer repairs for PC and MacWe specialise in computer repairs! We have a fully equipped workshop onsite and can repair most problems within 24 hours subject to availability of parts. In the event we need to order something in, the turnaround is usually 2-5 days (depending on parts). If you urgently need your machine back, we do offer Priority Workshop Servicing, often you can get your machine back on the same day.

We can fix problems like:

  • cracked screens in notebooks
  • dead hard drives in both laptop and desktop computers
  • dead motherboards in desktops
  • faulty memory in laptops and desktops
  • broken graphics cards or issues with custom built gaming computers
  • problems with software like Microsoft Windows (all versions), Microsoft Office, Internet security problems and more!Computer repairs - cracked laptop screen repairs

Computer Sales

Total Microsystems carry a wide range of stock – both complete machines and individual parts. We are very experienced in recommending the right solution for you. With such a wide variety of products available in the market, we know that sometimes our customers like a bit of guidance in making a decision, so feel free to ask us for advice.

If you are looking for a specific model of desktop computer or notebook computer, we are happy to order the item in for you. In most cases (depending on availability from our suppliers) most parts will arrive overnight.

Do you need something more specific? Why not let us design you a custom built PC for gaming, graphic design, video editing & more.


Computer Upgrades

With technology developing so fast now, it can often mean that machines or some parts become obsolete within months of purchase. If your machine is running a bit slower than you would like it to, why not bring it in for an assessment? We can put your machine through its paces and make recommendations as to how to improve performance and reliability.

We can upgrade any part of your desktop system. Notebook computers are slightly different due to their compact size and limited availability of parts. The upgrades for notebook computers can sometimes be cost prohibitive due to the high cost of parts from suppliers.

We can upgrade:

  • Hard drives – either increase the storage size of your existing drive or replace it with a solid state hard drive for much faster speed and reliability. If you have a desktop system we can add in extra hard drives.
  • Memory – running out of memory in your machine? Talk to us about adding more memory into your computer
  • Graphics Card – if you have a desktop computer system you can often upgrade the video/graphics card to a higher performance model


Insurance Quotes And Repairs

We also carry out insurance quotes and computer repairs on damaged computers, printers and more. So if you have a broken computer at your house and need to claim it on insurance, bring it in. We will assess the damage and give you a report to advise whether it can be repaired or needs to be replaced!


Workshop Service Prices

If you are worried about the cost of your service or repairs, we are happy to call you before we go ahead with any repairs to confirm the cost. There will be a minimum charge for having our technicians look at your machine and diagnose the problem.