Cyber Security Awareness

How to find out if your email account may have been involved in a data breach.

Wondering how you are getting so much spam these days? 

If your email account has been compromised along the way somewhere, it has likely ended up on spam lists that are circulated around the internet. 

This is just one way that your email address could end up on one of those lists. 


Start by visiting this website

–> HaveIBeenPwned

And type in your email address (or addresses one at a time if you have multiple). 

How can this happen?

Well you use your email account to register with all sorts of websites and services. And sometimes these big websites or services get hacked.

Ive just checked my Total Micro email address and it came up with breaches from the following services: 

Dropbox / Onliner Spambox (no idea what this is) / Share This

Whereas I checked another email address I have and it was a far more extensive list:

Adobe /Dropbox / LinkedIn / Tumblr and more.


What to do if you find your email address on this site?

Make sure you have changed your password recently… and make sure its a NEW password you haven’t used before. And make sure its good!

Consider using a password service like LastPass to manage your passwords securely.

And definitely, where possible, activate multi factor authentication on your email accounts and any other services you can.

If you need help come and talk to our techs and they can set it all up and sort it out for you!