Cyber Security for Business - Doing nothing is no longer an option.

An element of your business that can often be overlooked or ignored. You cant necessarily see the bad guy… or the cyber theft and damage  to businesses that goes on Australia wide so its easy to think “I’ll deal with it another day”.

That day is here and now.

Let us guide your business on the path to cyber safety… not cyber destruction !

Would your business withstand an attempted cyber breach? Do you understand your level of cyber security risk?

Do you have MFA on every email account? On your accounting package? Your website? Your bank accounts?

Do you have someone in charge of cyber security within your business?

Do you have your data being backed up externally multiple times a day? Do you have a business continuity plan that includes how to deal with ransomware or a data breach?

If you cannot answer YES to every one of these questions – you need some help.

You can no longer do nothing. Every business needs to take active steps to protect and actively defend their data and systems from unauthorised access or accidental breach. 

Dont become a statistic - get your business cyber secure today!

Let’s take charge of your business cyber security with our 5-Step process.

Total Microsystems 5D Security Strategy


We start with a free cyber risk health check.

Complete the free self-assessment cyber health check here.

Once you have completed this you will be able to access your own cyber security dashboard showing you where your areas of greatest risk are – as identified with your own current level of knowledge.

There are a simple series of yes/no/unsure questions for you to answer.

Deep Dive

To take it to the next level, we perform a comprehensive Cyber Security Risk Assessment using our Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT).

The assessment gives you a solid understanding of your company’s current cybersecurity posture, and actionable items to mitigate the discovered risks.

Discuss & Design

Once we have your CSAT report, we can discuss the findings to ensure you understand them.

Then we design an action plan for us to minimise your cyber risk.

We break down the vulnerabilities into categories defined by the urgency of required remediation.



We get busy! Once we start taking action you will be able to watch your security score improve. 

We always start with the most important actions first – the ones that are the quickest wins that have the biggest impact – like ensuring you have MFA on every email account. 



With the right software in place, you have an ongoing defence system that continuously monitors for threats and fires off alerts when necessary. 

Combine this with ongoing cyber awareness training for your employees… and you have got yourself a rock solid approach to cyber security. 


Dont become a statistic - get your business cyber secure today!

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