Custom Built PC for CAD & 3D Design Work

If you are serious about using CAD software or creating 3D animations, you need to have some serious equipment. And if time is money – only the best will do!

Total Microsystems specialise in building computers for Computer Aided Design/Manufacturer/Engineering (CAD, CAM & CAE), Digital Content Creation (DCC), Visual Effects (VFX), Animation, Broadcast, Game Development and Post Production Professionals.

We spec and quote each of these systems specific to your requirements. We also ensure that the machines are built to the exceed the minimum specifications as outlined by the individual software creators.

Time is money

If you are using your computer to generate income – it needs to perform. It’s as simple as that! Time spent waiting for your computer to catch up with you, is money wasted. If you rely on your computer to run your business and make you money – you need to make a solid investment.

There are a very specific set of hardware requirements that software makers recommend as a minimum and anyone who disregards these requirements does so at their own risk.

So if you are looking for a new digital work horse – fill out the form below!