Apple computer in the dead centre of struggle town?


Sometimes when your computer undergoes operating system updates it can slow down as it struggles with the new requirements of the upgrading operating system.

Rather than getting frustrated with it it… pop it in and have a chat to us about what upgrades are possible for your computer.

This iMac started to run slowly after being upgraded to Mojave – the latest Apple OS X. We see a similar thing on some Windows machines when they upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10.

The customer brought it in and had a chat about the options. They decided to upgrade their old mechanical hard drive to an SSD – solid state drive. The SSD’s are much faster and more reliable than the older mechanical drives as they have no moving parts in them. 

Mechanical drives have moving parts in them and these are prone to failure … especially as they get older or if the computer is moved around alot when it is in use (i.e. in a notebook).