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For so many people, the NDIS has been an absolute game changer. And then there are others for whom the NDIS has improved life a bit… but still falls well short it delivering what it needs to.

We know – we understand and have lived experience of the NDIS ourselves as our son is an NDIS Participant.

  Over the years, we have worked with both businesses and non profit organisations that operate in the NDIS/disability sector. We have first hand knowledge of how the NDIS works – the good and the bad. We know that your profit margins are can be pretty thin. We know that the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission has specific requirements around how you work, how you record your data (both your own business and that of participants), and how safely that data is stored. For a business or organisation to be both profitable and operate securely and efficiently in this space, it is essential to use Technology as a tool to move you forward in the right direction.

So whether you are an allied health provider (solo, statewide or larger), non profit organisation providing direct supports or even an SDA Provider – we are well placed to support your business or organisation with any and all tech challenges you discover as you work in the NDIS space.

 And if you need any further strategic advice on how your organisation can adapt, change or embrace the NDIS better – we have an expert consultant we can recommend you speak with.


Secure Systems

Are you using systems that securely store both your own data and that of the people you support?

Is it setup with secure passwords and Multi Factor Authentication? Is your data locked down so only someone in Australia on a company managed device can access it?

Cloud Storage

Can you access your data from anywhere?Do you have staff working from home who need to securely access sensitive customer data?

Is your data synced across all your devices?

Is your cloud based storage located in Australia? Or is your business and participant information being stored in China?


Are you collaborating online with other businesses, support networks of the participant, colleagues and more?


How do you manage the relationship with your customers? Do you have a cloud based system securely setup to store and manage all your customer information?

NFP? Are you getting discounts

Do you have Microsoft Non Profit Status? Are you taking advantage of 10 FREE licenses of Microsoft 365 that you can access… for free… forever?

Do you have tech support?

Do you have someone to call to bounce ideas off? To ask questions about how to fix a problem? The best way to go about a new project or anything else?

It's all good - we'll sort IT.