Our Team

A business is only as good as its staff – and we pride ourselves on being the friendliest IT people around!

We ensure that we don’t ‘geek speak’ – and instead ensure that we explain all the tech concepts in easy to understand language. We welcome ALL questions – there is no such thing as a stupid question!


A family business

This truly is a locally owned and operated family business!

Daniel & Tara run the business and have done since their family purchased it from Rob Roy back in 2008!

Daniel no longer works in the day to day running of the business. He is now working elsewhere in IT and completing his MBA. He is still very much around and involved behind the scenes though!

While Tara used to be heavily involved in the business, many customers haven’t seen or heard from her for a while.

Tara was unfortunately out of action for quite some time due to severe illness through her pregnancy. Then spent some 8.5 months living in Brisbane at Ronald McDonald House after her twins unexpectedly arrived 3 months early. Sadly little Harrison gained his angel wings after only 8 days. Ethan made it, however he had a very long ‘detour’ to come home!

Tara is now home and has finally returned to work!

So sometimes when you call or visit our office, you might hear a screaming baby – we apologise for the disruption! Due to Ethan’s health complications, daycare isn’t an option so he goes to the office with Mum!

Our Technicians



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