This 2009 iMac has done some miles 🥵🥵 

She was a tired old girl and even though there were no actual faults, she was going a bit slow.

The owner opted for a solid state drive (SSD) upgrade and she will be good as new (probably faster than when new actually) for hopefully many more years to come!

If your older iMac is getting slow and driving you bonkers… ask us about an upgrade for the hard drive or memory. Can make a massive difference to the speed of the machine.

Changing to an SSD is also a much safer place for your data to live… SSD’s are much more reliable types of hard drives because they dont have any moving parts so the failure rate is much much lower!

Breathe new life into your old mac with a Mac upgrade or repair service. We can even arrange free pick up and drop off from Maroochydore to Caboolture! 

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