Our core solutions all live in the Microsoft 365 Ecosystem

Secure. Reliable. Robust. Scalable.

We could talk all day about why we think this is the best approach for any business. But we know you don’t have all day (and likely don’t care about the nerdy stuff) – so we will keep it brief.

Our recommended approach across our Three Pillars of Tech Success is to keep as many of your business systems, process and core data or sensitive information within your Microsoft 365 tenancy as possible.

We think Microsoft is the best ecosystem because:…

It’s a more secure approach: the less external systems you use, the less chance you have of being the victim of a cyber attack. There are a significant number of integrated controls within the 365 ecosystem, that when properly configured, assist with mitigating against cyber attack.

Imagine having to tell your customers their data has been compromised because of a cyber breach of an external system that you have zero control over? The adverse consequences of an event like this can lead to:
  • reputational damage
  • significant financial impacts
  • potential enforcement of fines and the possibility of prosecution of company directors by the corporate regulator (ASIC).
There is reduced complexity: less systems, less things to go wrong! Less things to manage.
Enhanced compliance: keep your data safe from loss or incorrect access with multiple layers of data protection and control (once again, if configured correctly).
Less stress! No ongoing disappointment and frustration with external software vendors who seem to either be going out of business, experiencing cyber breaches, not updating their software regularly, not giving you the features you need, poor service – high fees. Broken promises about “software features on the development roadmap”. The list goes on! Trust us when we say we have seen it ALL. Give software vendors the boot… and bring it in-house, under your own control. 
Reduced cost: less systems… means less subscription fees! Everyone is happy with that!

It's all good - we'll sort IT.