Managed IT Support Plans

What is the point? Why should you consider a Managed Support Plan for your business?

Your outside team… on the inside!

Are your staff constantly pestering you about IT problems?

Do you have a team member not doing their ‘proper job’ because they are also trying to manage the IT?

Are you always waiting on your “IT person” to get back to you?

This isnt you living your best business life!

Our managed IT support plans make your IT, our problem. 

A Managed Support Plan gives your business the benefits of an internal IT department – without the cost.

Technology provides a vital function and underpins many successful businesses. By leveraging our team and expertise, we take the hassle out of IT within your business, allowing you to focus on your core offerings for your customers. We can do as little, or as much as you would like: from providing remote support to your end users, to being fully embedded in your business processes. It’s just like having your own internal IT department. We have the tools, skills and experience to get IT done.

Outsourcing your IT is good for your business.

Priority response - because time really is money.

Our Managed support customers get a priority response above all of our other job tickets. If you want a tech support provider who will stop, drop and roll when something goes wrong – then you need a managed support plan!

In the event your primary technician cant resolve the issue, the whole team will stop what they are doing, and get involved – to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Know your IT spend in advance

With a fixed price for your suppport costs, you don’t need to worry about something unexpected cropping up. If something goes wrong with one yof your IT-related ‘business-as-usual’ doodads, we’ll sort IT.

Let our whole team support your business.

For the price that you might pay for a single in-house IT support employee, you can have a team of experts on standby.

Our team members have a wide variety of qualifications and experience – from an MBA to a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) through to Gaming Design and even a Bachelor of Communications. Leverage our wide variety of skills and experience for your business.

Then you also don’t need to worry about annual leave or sick leave. You wont need to worry about hiring, training and retaining skilled employees – that becomes our problem!

Get your employees doing what they do best - not wasting their time on IT

You hired your employees to perform a specific function in your business. There is no point in them wasting their time on fixing printers, networking issues or any of the other myriad of IT issues that can arise on a day-to-day basis. 

IT support is what we do best.

By choosing a managed IT support plan, you will have access to staff who have advanced training, in-depth knowledge and years of experience in finding the best solutions to solve your problems. If a technician gets stuck, they can draw upon the expertise of the entire team to get it fixed as soon as possible.

You dont know - what you dont know...

Sounds vague doesn’t it? What we mean is… come to us with your problem – involve us in the solution planning. There may be an IT related solution to your problem that you don’t know about. 

This can lead to improved service delivery, improved business efficiency, cost cutting and more!