We specialise in supporting SMB health service providers

Did you know health sector is the highest reporting sector for data breaches? Don’t be a statistic – get secure today.

We aren’t making this up – check out the stats here. Businesses who operate in the health services sector remain the most popular to record a notifiable data breach. This means someone unauthorised gained access to information they shouldnt have – like patient health information.

If your business is covered by obligations under the Privacy Act 1988, then you need to be taking an abundance of caution by proactively protecting the information you hold about both patients and staff with robust measures.

Who can we support?

  • independent medical specialists such as opthalmologists and dentists
  • allied health providers such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists
  • medical practices
it support

What IT support can we provide?

Choose from ad hoc support when you just need a little help occasionally (call us when you need us), or a managed support plan when you need regular support for your business (proactive, prevantative maintenace combined with first class priority support).


Secure Systems

Are you using systems that securely store both your own data and that of the people you support?

Is it setup with secure passwords and Multi Factor Authentication? Is your data locked down so only someone in Australia on a company managed device can access it?

Cloud Storage and Remote Access

Can you access your data from anywhere?Do you have staff working from home who need to securely access sensitive customer data?

Is your data stored in Australia? 


Are you collaborating online with other businesses, support networks of the participant, colleagues and more?

Patient Data CRM

Using Dental4Windows? or Best Practice? We currently support businesses using these software platforms and are familiar with the requirements for successful use. 

NFP? Are you getting discounts

Do you have Microsoft Non Profit Status? Are you taking advantage of 10 FREE licenses of Microsoft 365 that you can access… for free… forever?

Do you have tech support?

Do you have someone to call to bounce ideas off? To ask questions about how to fix a problem? The best way to go about a new project or anything else?

It's all good - we'll sort IT.