IT Support for your business.

Reliable, affordable IT support. Remote or in your office.

Because time is money. And honestly, who has the time or patience to deal with anything technical when it isn’t working properly (well… aside from us)?

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Work smarter, not harder with our IT solutions for your business.

From ongoing cyber security solutions, to speaking the mysterious language of printers (hint! dont let the printer smell your need for speed!) – our tech support team get it done.

We dont even need to put things into a bowl of rice (another hint – its usually not a good idea to put anything in rice, apart from soy sauce…and you know – fried ricey sort of things).

Our team are friendly, reliable and responsive. Our prices are affordable. So, it’s all good – we’ll sort IT.

We’re the outside team, supporting you on the inside.

If you let us, we’d like to get to know your business well.
When we share your vision and truly understand your strategic goals, we can work with you to create the right strategy.
Every business has different needs and we believe the most important step is clearly understanding your strategic goals, budgets, staff requirements, technology preferences and so much more.
Then, we can implement the most suitable technology along with systems, training and support to get you moving in the right direction and keep you powering ahead!

We offer 2 types of ongoing IT Support for businesses.

Ad Hoc Support

It breaks, you call us- your ticket gets logged in the queue – then we sort it.
This is a great option for businesses that don’t need to rely on priority response, or those that don’t need much regular or ongoing support.

Managed IT Support Plan

A Managed support plan is a fixed price per user, proactive and priority response IT support service for your business. Great for businesses with a team of staff who need a reliable, and swift response to their IT needs. It’s like having your own IT department – but without all the hassle or cost.