Custom Built Computers

We specialise in custom building computers to your budget and requirements.
Anyone who uses a PC for gaming, graphic design work, video editing or other professional uses would benefit from having a PC custom built.

Each person’s requirements are unique and this is why a custom built PC is the best option.

Someone using a PC for just gaming will have different needs to someone doing professional video editing.

And maybe you want to get the most you can out of $1500 or maybe, because it’s a business computer, and time is money – you have a bigger budget to ensure a machine that keeps your productivity on point.

Either way – we can help. So read more below… or jump straight to our quote request page and let us design you a custom built PC!

All of our custom built computers:

  • Are assembled with care by a computer technician experienced in building highly specialised custom systems.
  • Have their individual components tested.
  • Have Windows operating system installed and updated.
  • System bench marked to ensure quality.
  • Come with 30 days free phone support to help you with any questions you may have during this time!

What does this mean for you?   You can take it out of the box and get started straight away!