If you go over to the coast and purchase a new computer system from any one of the larger retail stores – yes, you might get a cheaper price. However, in all likelihood, you won’;t get:

Advice from a computer technician – Typically you would be talking to a salesperson. These sales people may not have a technical background. In many cases, they will be working on commission which means they may be trying to sell you anything they can.

Data transferred from the old to new computer – simply because the bigger chain stores don’t offer this service.

Our customers can have their old data transferred onto a new computer including emails, documents and more.

You may not get the latest hardware – often the chain stores can sell computers very cheap because they are superseded models that are being run out. If having the very latest in hardware is important to you, it’s best to talk to a specialist.

You won’t get a PC that’s custom built to your requirements – if you are into gaming, graphic design, photo or video editing or anything similar then you will have some fairly specific requirements from your computer. You need to be sure that you are spending your hard earned dollars on a computer that will perform. A custom built system will be a safer bet for your sort of needs.

These are just a few reasons we think it’s beneficial for you to shop local. So next time you need a new PC – come and have a chat to us and at the very least, give us a go at matching the price!