It seems like a logical and easy thing to do. You get your home or business ADSL account setup and they give you an email address… or ..all you have to do is start using it. Read on to learn why you shouldn’t use this as your primary email account.

Home Users – Why you shouldn’t rely on one of these email accounts

Have you ever wanted to change internet service providers at home? Is a different company offering a better deal? With so much competition in the market now there is very often a compelling reason to change companies.

What you may not realise is that when you cancel your ADSL service – the email account that it attached to it will also be cancelled. In some cases you can retain this email address for an extra fee – but you will need to continue to pay that fee for as long as you want the email account to keep working.

And it’s not only changing companies. Say for example you weren’t using much data to begin with and you had a Telstra 3G Dongle for your internet. Then you decide you want to move to Telstra ADSL 2+ – this also means your old email address is cancelled and a new one is issued.

If you don’t mind changing email addresses all the time then this obviously isn’t a problem. But for those of you who don’t want to have to tell all your contacts about your new address this is something to avoid!

What should you be using instead? Any of the free services are a great option such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail. You can set these up in 5minutes.  Or go one step further and have your own domain name registered! Imagine having as your email address!? We can do this for you – contact us today!

Business Users – Why you need a proper email address

As a business owner, you want to look as professional as possible right? Well using a free email address provided to you by your ISP makes it look like you aren’t as committed to your business as you could be. What do you think looks more professional?  or  ?

Having an email address with your own domain in it provides reassurance to your customers that you will be sticking around. It also gives you the freedom to create an individual email account for as many people within your business as you want. Even for soloists – it can make you look not so ‘solo’ so it’s a great idea.

Domain registration costs vary. We charge $55 for a 2 year registration and we do it all for you. Then if you want email hosting with it? $69 per year for up to 5 accounts, or $99 per year for business grade hosting for up to 25 email accounts.

We can set this up for you in about 10minutes – so there is no excuse! Give us a call today.