You might already know that you can connect a USB flash drive or external hard drive to your computer and use it for extra data storage space. You might use it as a backup copy of your data – or just an ‘overflow’ area for all the extra stuff that wont fit on your computer. However, depending on your needs, a NAS device might be a better option


External hard drives or USB flash drives/sticks are easy and convenient ways of creating additional storage via the USB port on your computer. However, these devices are restricted to being used only on the computer they are plugged in to. What happens if you need to share files?


The answer lies within a NAS device! Instead of connecting directly to a computer, a NAS device connects to your modem/router. This allows multiple users from different computers to access the data stored on it. If you have a NAS device setup in your home or office, you can quickly and simply store and share your music, movies, images, documents and more from the 1 location. If you have other compatible devices, you can also stream digital media to things like your TV – either wired or wirelessly.


Need to access your files remotely? Some NAS devices will let you access your data from anywhere in the world – as long as there is a decent internet connection on both sides.


Backing up multiple computers? This is the gadget for you! Forget using multiple external hard drives. Back all your machines up to the 1 place. Used in conjunction with software like Acronis True Image – it is a VERY effective backup solution. Because your data is shared across the multiple hard drives within the NAS it is very safe.



Depends on how much storage you want. They range in size from a few hundred GB up to multiple TB versions. If you want your NAS to have fancy features then be prepared to pay more.


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