Don’t believe everything the salesman tells you! It horrifies us to know what goes on with the sale of various PC/media type cables in not just the big stores but the local guys as well.

They don’t need to be expensive. The prices of our various types of cables averages from $9-$15 – we think that’s pretty reasonable sort of pricing. Some are cheaper, some are more expensive (if they are longer for example).

We recently had a new customer come into our store who had unfortunately just been in to another computer shop in the local area and had been charged a staggering $45 for a standard Ethernet cable. A cable that we sell for $9! Same packet, same brand, same code on the packaging! The mark-up on accessories that some places think they can get away with is downright arrogant and rude.

HDMI Cables – another area where we typically see ‘scam’ type sales tactics. There is no discernible performance difference between the $15 HDMI cables that we sell compared to the $80 and upwards cables sold at some of the larger stores across the Sunshine Coast.

Don’t believe us? Ruslan Kogan from Kogan Electronics has been banging on about this for a long time – click here to read more.

He writes: “…JB are trying to trick people into thinking they need a $200 cable after buying a FULL HD TV. This is simply not the case.

HDMI cables are a digital cable. This means they deal with ones and zeros (not like older analogue cables such as composite). This means there is no difference to the picture quality from a $200 HDMI cable you buy.

Moral of the story – don’t get scammed ! The cables you buy in a $2 store…. Or from us… or from a big chain store – are all the same in terms of quality!