PC & Mac Integration

Whether you have a PC and want to change to a Mac… or you have a Mac and want to change to a PC – We can help!

Swapping computers is never easy at the best of times. There’s all the data and programs to transfer over, and if you are unfamiliar with the process, it can be quite time consuming. Changing between a Mac or PC is a bit more complicated. Many of the programs are not interchangeable – so some data becomes unusable. And sometimes the file formats are not supported – this creates headaches all round!!

So why not leave it to the experts and save yourself the stress. Whether you buy your new machine from us or not, we can assist with the data transfer and setup on your new machine. Did you know we can even take all of your Microsoft Outlook emails and put them into Apple Mail!? So you can get straight back to business without any delay.!

This can be done either in our fully equipped workshop, or in your own home. If you would like to drop both of your machines in to us, we can make all the necessary changes and hand your machines back over to you when done.!

If dropping both machines off is not an option, we can arrange to come out to your home or business and do the transfer there. We offer both Remote & In-Home Help to our customers!

What if I have a PC AND a Mac?

Easy! Some people ask us if these can both run on the same networks in their homes or offices. And the answer is yes! You shouldn’t experience any difficulties in running the two different types of computers on the same network – but if you do, we are only a phone call away!!