Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop screen repair

Have you managed to crack/smash/splinter your laptop screen? In most cases, this is an easy fix! Laptop screen repairs are very common and we do lots of these all the time!

How much does it cost?

Every notebook is different but generally speaking for a 15.6″ notebook that does NOT have a touchscreen the cost is usually between $150-$250.

What if it is a touch screen notebook?

Depends on the model. Bring it in or give us a call and we can quote to fix it. However in our experience these are usually quite expensive to fix and most customers decide the repair is not economical to proceed with.

How quickly can we fix it?

Once we know exactly what parts we need to order, we will usually have them the next morning. We then, typically, will replace the screen the same day.

We usually ask you to prepay for the cost of the screen as these are special order-in items.

Will you need to replace the glass, the LCD or the entire top panel?

Depends on how badly the screen is damaged. In some cases we can just replace the glass if the lcd screen behind it is still ok. In other cases we replace the glass and lcd screen assembly. In other cases we need to replace the entire top panel of the notebook.

In every situation we can assess your notebook and provide you with a quote at no cost.

Do you need an insurance assessment letter?

If you have accidental damage on your home or business insurance, we can assess your notebook and write you an insurance assessment letter. The letter will contain all of our details, our assessment and a quote to fix or replace the notebook. These cost a standard $99 which in most cases you can also claim back from your insurance company.