Data Backup & Recovery

Data Backup And Recovery – Protect Your Greatest Asset

Data Backup

Are your most cherished family photos or important documents backed up safely and securely ? What would you do if your computer was damaged by flood, fire, theft or just malicious software?

Without a good backup system in place, you stand to loose some or all of your precious data should the unexpected occur. Its just not worth the risk.

A simple backup system for your everyday files, photos etc is relatively inexpensive, and very simple to set up.

If you want something more comprehensive, please give us a call to discuss. There are many many options available to carry out backups – its just a matter of finding something that suits your needs and your budget.

If you currently do not have any backup schedule in place, act today! Do not wait until it is too late!

Data Recovery

We know that sometimes mistakes happen. Sometimes you accidentally hit ‘delete’ when you really didn’t want to. Or you didn’t even hit delete – all your data just ‘disappeared’ !

In some circumstances, your data can be recovered from your computer, external hard drive, camera memory cards etc. Sometimes this can be a relatively simple process. We can recover your data, put it on a USB stick or cd and provide it to you. Many customers then like us to set up a reliable backup system for them !

If you have physically damaged the drive however, things can get far more complicated and require specialist technical assistance. In these situations, we have a trusted technician that we can send the drives to, to have them evaluated.

If in doubt, bring your computer or memory card in and let us have a look. We can make recommendations to you or let you know what can and cant be recovered.