Office 365 Setup & Integration

By now you have probably heard of Office 365… but don’t necessarily know what it is, what it does or how it can benefit for you business. So, in plain English – let us tell you the most important bits!

These are the benefits of Microsoft Exchange Online

– It gives you the ability to have your emails anywhere… on any device. So phones, tablets, notebooks or desktops. And when we say “your emails” we mean not only emails you receive.. but also the emails you send!

– Gives you the option to use shared calendars amongst your staff… for many of our smaller businesses this is the kicker. They cant justify the cost of a server (which used to be your only option for calendar sharing) but want the ability for staff to share calendars, set appointments in both their own and other peoples calendars and have all the calendar items synced across multiple devices.

–  It’s flexible and scalable. If you think your business might grow this is an awesome option. Add or remove users whenever you like.

– Your mail is available offline so you don’t need an active internet connection (though obviously you will still need internet to send and receive)

– You can send emails up to 25MB !  (not 10MB as is standard by many other providers)


If you go with Microsoft Office 365, in addition to the above you also get…

– Full, installed versions of the latest Office applications Word/ Powerpoint/ Excel / Outlook /  Publisher / OneNote on up to 5 PC’s or Macs

– Office for tablets

– Office for Smartphones

– File storage and sharing with 1TB of storage per user

– Office online: Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more

– Unlimited online meetings and HD Video conferencing


What does it cost?

Find all the costs and options here


Where do we come in?

Unless you are particularly tech savvy, you will need the assistance of someone like us to set this all up for you!

Especially so if you currently have your business emails hosted with a different provider. The changeover can be very complicated unless you really know what you are doing. We can ensure a smooth transition over to the new service along with any training you might require.


Already have a Server in your business?

Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange Online are designed to integrate with Windows Servers – talk to us today about what options you have here! We can supply all the necessary hardware & software as well as carry out the entire setup or transition for your business. If this is something you would like to know more about, please contact us today!