Apple computer owners are known around the world as “Mac Evangelists” for their bordering-on-religious devotion to the Apple brand. We get so many customers through the door that say they are looking for a new computer but have been told by their son/daughter/”technical friend” etc. to ONLY consider a Mac – but is it the right decision? Not always!


While there is no doubt that Apple computers are good quality – there are some points that you should aware of if you are considering the switch from PC to Mac !


Cost – Nearly double!

The cost of a new Apple computer is extraordinarily high compared to the cost of an equivalent PC. With the internal components all being the same these days – the difference really only comes down to external ‘packaging’ and the Operating System. For the price of a base MacBook Pro, you can get an equivalent PC for literally half the cost! For the budget conscious this could be the deciding factor.


New models are difficult to repair/upgrade

The ‘reparability’ of the latest release models is extremely low – the new MacBook Pro is virtually non-upgradeable.  If you manage to get past the proprietary Apple ‘pentalobe’ screws yourself, then you still cannot upgrade/replace either the hard drive or the memory yourself. So in the future – if either of these fail (an occurrence we see regularly) or you want to upgrade, you may be in a position where it is more economical to buy a new computer rather than replace individual components.

Battery not charging anymore?  Replacing it simply by purchasing a new one (as you would have done in the past) is no longer a practical option – they are glued in place. Chances are that an Apple store can do it for you – but it won’t be cheap!


Mac O SX vs Windows 7

If you are comparing a new Mac to an old Windows Vista machine then of course, it will seem like a no brainer. However, make sure you do check out Win 7 as an option – it has come a long way since the days of XP and Vista and is much faster and more user friendly. The Apple operating system is great, but many people do struggle when making the transition. Ask yourself if you are a fast learner with these sorts of things? If not, then it might be far less frustrating to stick with a PC!


So don’t just rule out PC when you are looking for a new computer. They are still a great, and often very cost effective option for many people.