If you have recently applied to get ADSL connected at your home in Beerwah… until someone else gives up their connection, it looks like you are out of luck.

For some time now the ports at the Beerwah Exchange have been full… so full that you can now only get a new connection when another home or business cancels theirs.

And the frustrating thing here is that Telstra (so far as we know) don’t have any plans to upgrade the exchange with the excuse that the NBN is “coming”. Though who knows when that will actually occur.

Beerwah Exchange


If you are lucky enough to be moving into either the Coochin Twins estate or the Pineview estate then according to the NBN Co rollout map, the service should be either available now or very soon as the build has commenced.


For the rest of Beerwah, it looks like it will be a waiting game. There has been mention in the Glasshouse Country and Maleny News of some argy bargy between the NBN Co and the Council over the location of a tower for fixed wireless services. Until they can even agree on this, there won’t be much progress in this area!