New for Office 365 subscribers – Voice Dictate! 

For Australian Office 365 users this feature has begun rolling out to Office Insiders since March – though its now end of June and we are only just seeing it on our computers now.

This new feature can be used in Microsoft Outlook2016, Word 2016, Powerpoint 2016 and OneNote 2016 and can only be used by Office 365 subscribers. 

Getting started is pretty easy – just look for the new Dictate icon in the ribbon, click it and off you go! Make sure to choose what language you are using and yes… there is an English (Australian) version thankfully. 

Microsoft claim it works best if you speak conversationally but clearly. You can insert punctuation by saying the name of the punctuation mark you want to add. When you are finished hit the dictate button again to stop. 

I gave it a try by reading a passage of text from our website.. it was the first time it was used and I didnt insert the punctuation.. but as you can see for a first go, with an Australian accent – it did pretty well! 

You can view the full instructions from Microsoft here.