Watch our tech carry out a Macbook wifi card replacement! This is a fairly common repair for Apple Macbook Pros! Sometimes the wifi card – or “AirPort card” in Apple terms stops working. End result – no wireless connectivity to the internet for you!macbook pro wifi card replacement

Of course, this would drive you bonkers – the entire point of having a laptop is that it is mobile … and being tied to an ethernet (data) cable defeats the purpose of that completely.

We can source the appropriate replacement Airport card for your Macbook and carry out a replacement in our fully equipped workshop. Our techs do this regularly and you can be assured that when the repair job is completed, you will be able to take your macbook home or office and connect it to the wifi once more.

iFixit rate this repair as “difficult” – but not to worry… our techs are very experienced. And you can feel confident in knowing that all work carried out by our techs comes with a 30 day hassle free warranty.