Many people choose Apple computers not because of their technical capabilities… but because they look pretty! Hey look if you love the Apple look and have a fancy office and want that as your vibe (and are happy to pay a premium for doing so) – go for it!

But if you are a committed Windows user, and you want something that looks good – there are PLENTY of options for you to consider.


If you want bright colours

There are plenty of cases around that come in bright colours. One of our favourites is the Bitfenix Prodigy. It comes in a range of bright colours, as well as black and white. It is a quality case that is smaller than your average case and great for people who want something that bit smaller.



If you want small

There are plenty of options for small computers. Consider the Intel NUC – these are about the size of a sandwich and can be mounted to the underside of a desk/ the wall or even the back of your monitor. Or there is the Intel Compute Stick… which is literally a “PC on a stick”… fully fledged Windows 8.1 computer that just plugs straight into the HDMI port on any TV or monitor.  These can come in a variety of different performance levels from basic through to Gaming/Graphic design spec.