In the last few weeks I have encountered quite a few customers who are confused by the term ‘wireless internet’. The term ‘wireless’ seems to get thrown around a lot and can apply to many different types of devices – it can be extremely confusing!

Wireless Device

A device can have wireless capability/connectivity. This means it can connect to the internet (and other devices) with no cords or cables. Wireless connectivity was standard issue on notebooks a few years ago. Desktop computers may or may not have wireless capability (a good way of checking is to see if there is an aerial poking out the back). All tablets and smartphones will have wireless capability.  In order to connect to ‘wireless internet’ your device must have wireless functionality.  


If you have a desktop or notebook computer without a wireless adapter in it… you can easily purchase a new one from about $25-$40. They can be fitted internally (on desktops) or can be in the form of a usb dongle.

Wireless Network

To have ‘wireless internet’ in your home or office you must have a modem/router that has wireless functionality so that it can take your ADSL internet connection and broadcast it around the required area.

Most of the newer modem routers do have the ability to broadcast a wireless signal. However if you are unsure, then either call your Internet Service Provider (if they provided you with your modem) or give us a call and tell us the make/model.

If you discover that you don’t have wireless internet but want it (i.e. you have a wired modem only)- that is easy fixed. You can either add on a wireless router (around $35) or replace your existing modem with a wireless modem router (around $80).

3G/4G “Wireless Internet”

If you want to sit in the park and be on the internet…then you will need some form of 3G or 4G internet connection. In some cases these can be in the form of USB dongles that plug in to your computer. There are some newer models that are also completely wireless and sit beside your computer without needing to be plugged in.

This type of internet connection is commonly referred to as ‘wireless’ because again… there are no cables involved! This form of internet uses the 3G or 4G phone network to receive data. More detailed information about these types of internet are best left to another blog post!

I hope this has helped you to understand ‘wireless internet’ a bit more! If you found this blog post helpful we would love it if you shared the link to your friends or family,