Given that there are some pretty questionable “IT guys” getting around on the Coast going by the horror stories we have been hearing lately, we thought we would put together some advice on how to choose where to get your computer repaired!


First step is to ask what warranty is available on your computer repair. At the very least, you should be getting a minimum of a 30 day labour warranty on ALL work performed on your computer.

What does this mean? Well… lets say for example your computer gets a virus. You take it somewhere, they fix it, you  pay then you go home. 3 days later, its back again! Well you don’t want to pay in full again do you? A good IT guy will honour a warranty on that service and resolve your issue again at no charge.

The only exception to this might be with a virus like cryptolocker – its a next level kind of virus and can require a huge amount of work to get it completely removed from your system.

The business basics

Ensure they have the following, as any good IT business will:

  • a valid ABN and registered trading name – check that it actually relates to the business name they are advertising themselves as. Look them up on the ABR website to see how long they have been around. Are they going to stick around long enough to honour your warranty?
  • business insurance -ask what happens if they drop and smash your computer while they have it? Will they fix or replace it for you?

Their procedures – do they know what they are doing?

Or do they take shortcuts? There are so many solo operators and even businesses that will tell you that when you have a virus, the only course of action is to wipe and re-load Windows.

This is not the best course of action for some people for many reasons:

  • do you still have your copy of Microsoft Office to provide to them to re-install?
  • do you have copies of or licences for all other software you had on your computer?
  • can they guarantee all your data will be there when they have finished? Do they know how to back it up and restore it properly?

So many of our customers just don’t have this! If we told them they needed a re-install every time they had a virus, we would have an uproar on our hands!

Some warning signs to look out for

We would suggest that if a tech support person tells you any of the following, you may be better off to continue your search

  • they recommend AVG Free as a good internet security program
  • they tell you that Apple Mac computers “don’t get viruses”
  • as above – if they tell you a wipe and reload is the best option after a virus

or if you have used their services and received your computer back and its

  • got scratches over the casing where they have pulled it apart
  • got cables poking out from inside the case (when they should not be)
  • you get any messages saying your copy of Windows is not genuine
And lastly you can ask if they have any industry training or accreditations?

Have they had any formal training in IT? Are they a Microsoft Partner? Are they Apple Authorised? Do they have any industry accreditations from a name you might recognise?

It would be ideal if they had any of these. For example, our techs have a blend of education from Diplomas to an MBA and everything in between. We are a Silver Microsoft Partner, an Acer Authorised Service Center, a Lenovo Partner and much more!