We must get a phone call about this problem on a daily basis. Households are having more devices than ever that need to be connected to the internet, yet the hardware they are using for broadcasting the wi-fi through the house probably hasn’t changed. A common problem that we see – the wi-fi works in one end of the house, but just doesn’t make it all the way down to the other. You are trying to stream high definition movies, music or large files around the house and it’s just not working! And it’s not just that the wi-fi routers aren’t sending the signal far enough, it’s also the increase in the number of connected devices that can cause problems. A basic wi-fi router will handle somewhere around 5 devices connecting to it. If you have multiple phones, tablets, notebooks, desktop computers, or other connected devices like Foxtel/TBox, WD TV Live etc – your need for better hardware becomes even stronger.

So how can you fix the problem?

Firstly you need to work out if its a case of there being too many devices trying to connect – and thus ‘overloading’ the system. Or whether its a case of your existing router is not sending the signal far enough. Or maybe you are unlucky enough to have both of those problems.

If you need to extend your wireless range

Then you need a range extender! We have tried and tested numerous devices and the one that continues to trump all other devices is an Asus N66 Dual Band 3-in-1 Device that:asus-n66

  • is a Wireless Access Point
  • Is a Wi-Fi Bridge
  • and is a Wireless Range Extender

It’s a funky, alien looking device but trust us when we say – this is the one to get! We have put these little bad boys in:

  • large homes with lots of glass and water (pools & water features)
  • businesses that had a huge number of other wireless networks in the area
  • homes that had lots of wireless devices  like phones, tablets, notebooks all streaming media


If you need to cater for more connected devices

There are a couple of ways you can go about this – but  there’s so much to it we will dedicate a whole blog post to this one… click here to read more!

Do you need help to configure or setup your wireless network?

Our techs can come out to your home and business and resolve all your wireless woes! As long as you have a decent internet connection (ADSL 2+), we can get the internet through your entire home or business! We can assess your particular needs, provide all the hardware and set it up for you. So don’t spend a weekend doing battle with your wireless network – just call us and take it easy!