Hard Drive Upgrades and Memory Upgrades for Apple Mac Computers

Hard Drive Upgrades and Memory Upgrades for Apple Mac Computers

We couldn’t believe our ears when we were in an Apple store recently ! There was a customer who wanted a simple hard drive upgrade on her Mac Pro…. she was being told that they could not help her! Staff there advised her that the only way to get a larger hard drive on her Pro was to have upgraded it on the Apple website when she made her initial purchase.

Rubbish we say ! Bring it to us !

We regularly carry out hardware upgrades on all types of Apple computers –  Macbook Pro, Macbook, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and iMac.

Want more hard drive space ? Easy done – we can increase the size of the hard drive in your Mac! Contact us today

Want a faster hard drive? Think about converting to a solid state hard drive in your Mac ! Contact Us today

Want more memory? Easy done – We can upgrade the RAM in your Apple computer with ease! Contact us today

LCD Screen replacements – Easy done:: we can replace broken LCD screens in your Mac ! Contact us today

Our technicians have undergone the official Apple technician Training and they are very experienced in carrying out these upgrades. Dont get forced into purchasing a new computer in order to have it keep up with your lifestyle – just upgrade the parts.

The added bonus is that we charge much less than Apple to upgrade the standard hardware in your Mac – so bring it to us today!


**Note that many of the newer Apple devices are unable to be upgraded. Please contact us to learn more.