So Daniel’s younger “knows everything” brother told me quite some time ago to get a Google Chromecast. Me, thinking I knew better, kept ignoring him. He’s one of those ‘early adopter’ types that marketing people go nuts for ( Which I blame it on Reddit personally).

Then in the last few months we have finally gotten around to updating the techno infrastructure at home. Daniel finally setup Plex Server to manage all of our media content (more about this another day). After he did this and we played with it a bit, I realised it would be absolutely perfect for my Mum.

So when Mum was over here at Christmas we got her a Google Chromecast and a new Asus Modem (to replace her ageing old Netgear one) and then off she went home to Perth. Lucky me got to setup the system remotely and what an awesome little system it is. Have to give her epic points for managing to configure the modem on her own – pretty impressed at that!

We have the free version of Plex setup on her iMac, the free Plex app installed on her Google Nexus tablet and a Google Chromecast plugged into her TV. And she was off and away. It seemed to work so well for her that I wondered if perhaps I might need one (not one to be outdone in techno stakes by my non-techno-savvy Mum haha).

A week later and now I wonder how I ever survived without one? Downloading content, legitimately of course, into my phone or tablet and hey presto with zero fuss I can send it straight to the TV.

Setting up in the new shop and we have one of the cheap TV’s (42″ LED LCD for only $399!) we now sell on display. Into the back of it went a Chromecast. And now when I need to show a customer something – I send it straight from my Google Chrome browser on my counter computer across to the TV using the Google Cast extension in the browser.

Maybe I need to show a customer how to do something on my phone? Instead of having to stand uncomfortably close… I can send the entire screen of my phone to the TV. So a) they can see it in a larger format and b) I get to keep my personal space. Everyone wins!

So if you would like a demo of this lovely little gadget pop in on! Or if you want us to come out to your home and setup a Chromecast, Plex Server or home media system – just give us a call!