We often get people saying to us “nah its ok, I shop at Umart or PC Case Gear” under the assumption that they are the cheapest. Ok …well what if I told you that almost always we can match the prices… and very often beat them?

Just because we are a smaller, independent business does not mean we can compete against the big guys! Over the years we have developed strong relationships with quality suppliers based in Brisbane. What does this mean to you the consumer?

Get your parts fast!

It means that when we order parts, generally speaking, we will have them the next morning. So whether you order a new laptop, video card or high end custom built gaming system – you wont have to wait long to start playing with your new toys! If its in stock at our supplier in Brisbane, we typically have it around 9:30am the next morning.

It means you wont pay postage

Unlike online stores who can often end up charging you high costs for courier/postage services to get your goods to you, you wont pay these fees when you shop with us! Sometimes people try and be sneaky and tell us a price they have found that sounds very cheap on an online store… we know you will be paying postage and we factor this in when we are price matching 🙂

No credit card surcharge

Unlike a lot of our competitors, we don’t charge you more to use your credit card when you shop with us!


yes we price match against pc case gear