I have recommended Basecamp to quite a few customers over the years. For those of you who arent familiar with it, Basecamp is a cloud based online project management/collaboration tool.Basecamp

If you are the type of business that has multiple active projects going with different people involved, Basecamp could be a good fit for you. Of course as a web based product, it works on pretty well any device you can throw at it.


Basecamp can also:

– Act as a storage point for documents associated with a project. If you need to upload a new version of that document, it will allow you to do so – when other people involved in the project login they will access the latest version of your document.

– Act as a place for multiple people to have discussion around a project.

– Lets you manage to do lists for a project.

– Lets you use your phone to take photos and directly upload them to the relevant project.

– Lets you have a calendar that shows everyone involved with the project when deadlines are due or important events are on.

– Lets you assign tasks to individual people.

– Have online documents that allow for collaboration.


Basecamp can integrate with a lot of other applications!

You can have Basecamp integrate with other applications that you may already be using or may want to add to your collection to provide enhanced functionality.

For example:

Harvest – time tracking application. See how much time you are spending on a project!

Backdrop – automatically backup the files in your Basecamp to Dropbox!

Check out the full list of 3rd party addons here