There are (apparently) over 3.4 million iPhone users in Australia! And this number is growing every day. It seems that many iPhone users don’t back up their phones – even though it is a very simple and easy task!

The benefits of backing up your phone cannot be stressed enough! If your phone is lost, damaged or stolen – your data is gone with it.

Backed up information includes purchased music, apps, photos, videos, device settings (eg. Wallpaper, Mail, Contacts, Calendar accounts), app data, Messages, ringtones and more.

There are 2 ways to back up your iPhone:

 1)    Back up to your computer

Plug your iPhone in to your PC or Mac and fire up iTunes. Simply click on the device name in the left panel and then the scroll down to the backup section. Click on “Backup to this computer” and hit ‘Sync’ in the bottom right corner.

2)    Backup to iCloud
After you have enabled Backup on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in Settings > iCloud > Backup & Storage, it will run on a daily basis as long as your device is:
•    Connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi
•    Connected to a power source
•    Screen locked

You can also back up manually whenever your device is connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi by choosing Back Up Now from Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup.

Backing up to iCloud is free for users with iOS 5 (the latest version). If you have an older operating system on your phone, you will need to choose the first option above.