Do you have a laptop and wish that you could upgrade your sound card? Most people will probably tell you that you can’t upgrade the sound card. This is true, but don’t stress, ASUS have announced a new compact, external USB sound card and headphone amplifier!


The Xonar U7 has been specifically designed to work with notebook users, however it can also be used on a desktop system. “While other USB audio devices leave out hardware features in order to maintain a small form factor and are typically only capable of 5.1 channel surround due to limited power supply, Xonar U7 engineering overcomes these constraints to offer strong and immersive 7.1 channel performance” says ASUS in their latest press release.  


The only problem is, ASUS has not yet given any indication as to when it will be released, and how much t will be.


Stay tuned for more info!