Buderim Computer Repair

Living in Buderim and having computer problems? Don’t stress! We are only a short drive or a phone call away!

Total Microsystems are based in Beerwah, just around the corner! Not only do we sell new computers, spare parts and accessories – we also carry out hundreds of repairs and computer upgrades every month! We have a fully equipped workshop onsite and carry a wide range of parts in stock. This means you wont have to wait 5 days for a technician to just look at your machine – often you will get it back in under 2 days!

We even have a Premium Workshop Service that lets you jump to the front of the queue to get your machine looked straight away. We understand that many of our customers just cant ‘live’ without their computers! So we will always do our best to get your machine back up and running as soon as possible.

If you like the drive, you are welcome to drop your machine off to our store. We are open 6 days a week – so there is plenty of time. If this is just too much of a hassle – for most computer problems we can come out to your home or business and repair your machine there and then. No inconvenience of pulling out all the cords, lugging the machine into the car and into our store – make life easy for yourself – have a technician come out to your Buderim house today.

Our technicians are qualified and are all full time employees. This means no strange contractors appearing at your door. You can have a trusted, regular technician who will always do their best to assist you with your PC.

Other Buderim computer services we offer:

  • General computer clean up service- is your machine running really slowly? Doing strange things and generally driving you nuts? Maybe a general computer clean up is exactly what you need.
  • Virus Detection & Removal – files appearing and dissapearing? Strange programs appearing? Computer not letting you access antivirus or banking web pages? Maybe you need a virus check!
  • Memory Upgrade – Computer running really slowly ? Struggling to do the things it used to once handle with ease? Maybe you should consider upgrading the RAM. Often this can be less expensive than you think – in many cases, under $100! And it can make the world of difference
  • Hard Drive upgrade – swap to a solid state drive for better performance and reliability!

Whatever you need, give us a call to talk about it. We can provide the right advice and find you the right solution for your budget. We aren’t sales gurus – we don’t get commission and wont pressure you into making a purchase. Our interest is in finding repeat customers, so we don’t like to scare you away after 1 purchase! So give us a call next time you have a computer problem – you will be pleasantly surprised.