Point of Sale

If you are in or are setting up a retail business, chances are you will be looking for some point of sale equipment.

We can help! We can source a wide range of products and brands and offer competitive pricing. We only supply quality components and back that up with excellent after sales service!

Products we can supply and Install

Touch Screen Monitors – these are a must have for busy cafes and foodie places! The cost of touch screen monitors have drastically come down in the last few years and you will be surprised at how affordable they are now. Our monitors will work with most software systems so you don’t need to feel locked in to your software provider for sourcing your hardware! Barcode Scanners and Stands – for anyone selling lots of products, a barcode scanner will save you alot of time! Cash Draws – From manual cash draws through to those that automatically pop open when your point of sale software tells it to. Thermal Printers – to print out your customer receipts and internal dockets on. Buy 1 or 10 ! As many as you need to suit your business. point-of-sale-equipment

And of course, any type of computer you like to run the whole system!

We can custom build you a tower PC, or we can sell you pre-built systems that are small form factor if space is an issue. Have a look at the Intel NUC range – they are very cool and can even be mounted to the back of a monitor! point-of-sale-computers

 Point of Sale Software

We can procure almost any flavour of MYOB or Rekon that you would like us to. We cannot and do not make recommendations about which particular version of software is most appropriate for your needs. If you need guidance in this area, please speak to your accountant or bookkeeper as they are far more qualified than we are to make recommendations in this area!   Install, Setup and Ongoing Support Not only can we procure you all the equipment you need, we can install it, set it up and provide ongoing support! So if you want a hassle free experience setting up your business, please contact us today!


Finance Options

We can bundle everything together and help you set up Flexirent repayments!