All of our custom built  gaming computer systems:

  • Are assembled with care by a computer technician experienced in building highly specialised custom systems.
  • Have their individual components tested.
  • Have Windows operating system installed and updated.
  • System bench marked to ensure quality.
  • Come with 30 days free phone support to help you with any questions you may have during this time!

What does this mean for you?   You can take it out of the box and get started straight away!

Fill in the details below and let us create a quote for your very own custom built PC for gaming, graphic design, video editing and more!

***Please note that we are based on Beerwah- in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, QLD. At this time we are only supplying machines to the Sunshine Coast & Brisbane areas. You must be able to collect from our location. We have not found a courier company that can be trusted to deliver these machines without damaging them. ***

Your contact details

We may need to ask you for more information! Please ensure you provide us with an accurate email address and phone number!

Can you collect your computer? Will you need it delivered? Note that at this time, we can only provide delivery to Queensland locations!

Tell us what you want from your PC!

Are you gaming? Or using the Adobe Creative Suite? Or maybe you are an avid Go Pro video editor! Lay it on us...

We can work with some of your existing parts if they suit your needs... or we can quote for and build you a whole new PC.

Given that there a billion possible combinations for your custom built PC, we need to know what budget we are working with! If you have a set budget of a $$ figure, let us know at the bottom of this form

What OS Are you using? What do you want on your new system? Will you be providing your existing licence or do we need to quote you for a new one?

This is important - we need to know this info so we can provide you with an accurate quote and ensure the system will perform as it should.

Please tell us:
  • What monitor/s do you have?
  • Supply model numbers if possible
  • What resolution are they running?
  • How do they connect to your computer? i.e. HDMI/ DVI/Display Port etc.

If this is a system upgrade, what type of hard drives do currently have? How much storage do you need?

Be specific!

For example... Adobe Creative Suite, Steam, Microsoft Office, Autodesk

These options below are not included by default on all systems. Please check the box to request they be included in your quote!

Some other extras we can include

Are you just getting pricing ideas? Are you ready to buy now?

Anything else we need to know? Do you have a preference for the type of case? Coloured LED lights? A million fans? If you want a quote for a gaming keyboard or mouse etc. and you have a preference.. pop it in here!

Can you provide us a copy of the quote to let us price match or beat the price?

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