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Managed IT Support For Your Business – Making Computing Easy For Your Business!

Benefits Of Managed IT Services – With benefits like these… why wouldn’t you choose to have your IT Support Managed by Total Microsystems ?

Managed IT Services are Proactive rather than Reactive

Continual maintenance program provides ongoing and incremental improvements to your systems. This reduces the likelihood of issues occuring repeatedly and office downtime. Issues can be identified (and often resolved) before they are able to impact your business in a negative way. This results in a decreased amount of downtime in the event a problem occurs


Using Managed IT Services Increases Productivity In Your Office

  • Your staff are able to focus on their core business role and responsibilities rather than worrying about IT issues
  • Increases your levels of support without the hassle of organising additional staff
  • Removes any recurring problems affecting your business
  • Your staff can get help faster if there is a problem, reducing unnecessary downtime
  • Quicker diagnosis and resolution of problems reduces downtime. Total Microsystems has a fully equipped workshop and a large number of spare parts in stock – this further reduces wait time in the event of a problem such as a failed hard drive
  • Happy staff that arent experiencing the frustration of computer problems are productive staff!

Increased Security on Your System/Network

  • Patches and security updates are installed as soon as they are released
  • Constant monitoring of your system means any security breaches are identified immediately
  • Maintenance and monitoring means viruses, malware and other infections are detected and removed immediately
  • Software compliance monitoring means your business is protected from any licensing infringements

Fixed Costs Means You Can Budget Accurately In Advance For Your IT Support

  • Your IT budget is stable and predictable
  • Facilitates forward financial planning of capital expenditure
  • Reduces your need to provide ongoing training to IT Staff members
  • Your business gets access to an enhanced skills base without the additional expense of having to hire staff with specific skills
  • Do the above benefits sound like something your business would be interested in ? We have a range of Managed IT Support plans available – And we can always customise an existing plan to suit your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business!