Shop Local First

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The 2012 / 2013 financial year was definitely a tough one for the businesses in our local community, and it saw quite a few businesses in the central business area of Beerwah close their doors.

The combined effect of the global financial crisis and the impact that Beerwah businesses had felt as a result of the Beerwah bypass and overpass being put in, cutting the town in two and basically detouring traffic away from the business centre along with the on-going challenge of poor and inadequate signage directing people into the town was really taking its toll.

Daniel Moodie and Tara Smithyman of Total Microsystems could see that everyone was doing it pretty tough and there was a really high level of frustration and negativity being expressed by local traders.

Tara said while I understood how everyone was feeling, I was frustrated that there seemed to be a lot of complaining but no real action undertaken to improve the situation.

With the support of a number of other local business, I decided to take the lead in developing a ‘shop local first’ campaign for Beerwah and the wider Glasshouse Country area”

Daniel said with Tara’s skills and strengths and the talents we have in our team, Tara and I decided to really dedicate ourselves to creating a concept and materials that could be used by all of the businesses in Beerwah at no or minimal cost.

With the encouragement of Bob McLean our Chamber of Commerce President, Tara took on the role of the PR Officer for the Chamber and the campaign has now expanded into one for the whole community and the ‘Shop Local 1st Glasshouse Country Campaign has been born’.

While the campaign is being driven initially by the business people – it is really very much something that we need local residents to own, for our townships to stay strong, to employ locals, support community activities and provide the services required we all need to ‘do our bit’.

Along with the promotional material available for businesses to spread the message there will also be stickers available for residents to show how much they love where they live, and to encourage that local pride – and translating it into making sure they shop local ‘first’.

The philosophy behind the shop local 1st campaign is that we understand you may not be able to source everything locally – but you can at least try to shop local first before venturing elsewhere.

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