Driving along Steve Irwin Way a few weeks ago we noticed a very strange occurrence – the little thing on our phone screens that typically says ‘3G’ had mysteriously changed to ‘4G’. We thought it must have been a mistake… but no… a few weeks on and the 4G signal seems to be pretty consistent the entire way along Steve Irwin Way.


Sitting in the middle of Beerwah (in the Woodgrove Estate) my phone is back to 3G… but Im very curious to see how long it will take for it to get to 3G. Not that we need it at home as we have great ADSL 2+.

However we have many many customers throughout the Glasshouse Region especially who are unable to get ADSL (either 1 or 2+) because of Telstra’s continual refusal to upgrade the exchange and struggle to get a decent signal for the 3G dongles (or a phone too for that matter). Some people have to purchase expensive secondary antennas that are roof mounted just to pick up a weak signal. Others are relying on satellite connections – very slow and depending on your location, not an option either.


It’s these people and businesses who will benefit the most from a decent 4G signal in the area…so we cant wait to see that happen!