I had been meaning to let you know I am absolutely stoked!

Nathan Kenzler

I had been meaning to let you know I am absolutely stoked!

This new computer effortlessly screams along. It it's possible for a computer to go too fast, it sure does. I am so happy with it! It has saved me so much time already.

Thank you and your team for your enthusiasm, great service and excellent in-house craftsmanship!

I have been recommending you to everyone!

Total Microsystems have done it again!


My PC was a fair old slug until the hard drive failed - ANdrew installed a new solid state hard drive that has made it so fast that I don't have time to think... just need to sort my internet speed now so looking at replacing Bigpond's Thompson TG782T with something more capable... then just have to hope Maleny Exchange has decent capability seeing we have a number against NBN up here.

Very impressed with the service I received from Total Microsystems!

Patrik Berger

Before Christmas I was starting to look at options for a PC for photo and video editing duties. I had checked online and had an idea of what I wanted and then I stumbled on these guys. Sent them an email with roughly what I was after and later that afternoon I had received return emails getting some clarification and also a quote. Considering the day before I had sent the same details to a local store and hadn't received even an acknowledgement of the email, I was pleased for the speedy service (actually 2 weeks later and I still haven't heard from that other store!!). With a few suggested upgrade options I went ahead and had Total Microsystems build my new PC and couldn't be happier. Will be back when my photo library outgrows the 6TB HDD looking for additional drives and a RAID controller. Shouldn't take too long. The SSDs, 6th Gen i7 processor and plenty of RAM keep this thing humming along nicely, more than enough power to multitask all my usual applications. These guys were great value too - prior to my upgrades they had matched my previous online quote but with many of the components being of higher quality. Just goes to prove that the small stores aren't always more expensive than the big ones. I suggest you give Total Microsystems a chance to quote on your next PC purchase, they might suprise you - I was!

I'm a raving fan of Total Microsystems

Deb Robson

I’m a raving fan of TMS Beerwah. I’ve needed new laptops, desktops and wifi modem routers over the last few years, both at my own home in Beerwah and also for business in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Tara, Daniel and the entire team have always exceeded my expectations and they’re all so brilliant to deal with! They go above and beyond any other computer place I’ve ever dealt with in terms of their pricing, approachability, customer service and their attention to detail.

Tara also doesn’t seem to mind my hundreds of questions and she explains everything so well….I don’t bother going anywhere else and best of all, I love having them around the corner from me !