Custom Built Computers

Custom Built Computers to suit your needs AND your budget!

Always purchased off the shelf computers before ? Think custom built computers will be too expensive? Think again! Custom built computers are a very cost effective way to get a computer that will perform exactly as you need it to.

Custom built PC quote

Imagine – no more frustration at a slow machine that takes forever to get your tasks done! No more dodgy cheap computers that under perform and continue to require repairs.

A custom built computer can be put together to your exact specifications. Not sure what those are? Thats fine. Just tell us what you want to be able to do with your computer and we can work out the rest for you.

Whether its for specific requirements like playing computer games or your hobby or profession involves dealing with large graphic or video files and software, we can put together a package that will suit your needs AND your budget.

We can also come out to your home or business, set up and install your new computer. All you need to do is sit down and get to work – or play!

So instead of looking to see what the chain stores have available off the shelf, come and talk to the team at Total Microsystems about a computer package deal that is right for you.