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Review: Asus R501VM 15.6" Notebook Computer
Saturday, June 29, 2013

I recently decided that my MacBook Air 11.6" screen size was too small. I'd already reached the point of being well over Apple and completely removed O SX from it and installed Windows 7 in it's place but sometimes the screen was just too small for doing work at home.  read more

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4G Signal begins to reach the Sunshine Coast Hinterland
Monday, June 17, 2013

Driving along Steve Irwin Way a few weeks ago we noticed a very strange occurrence - the little thing on our phone screens that typically says '3G' had mysteriously changed to '4G'. We thought it must have been a mistake... but no... a few weeks on and the 4G signal seems to be pretty consistent the entire way along Steve Irwin Way.  read more


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Each time that I have called technical support, you have always very quickly and easily resolved the problem. Kudos for hiring such great staff, as they have all been very polite and patient.Karen Wiskin, Director, Growth Marketing

Karen Wiskin, Director, Growth Marketing

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